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Introduction to Project Augustus: Helping Event and Field Marketers Grow In Tech Startups

Project Augustus has been helping event and field marketers grow their programs in tech startups for over five years now. We were founded with the goal of helping event and field marketers scale their marketing campaigns as their startups grow through different stages of funding and size.

Event marketing is an important part of the customer journey for many organizations. With so many lookalike companies and giant enterprises to compete against, It's critical to be able to get engaged with your prospects so that they would be even willing to take a look at your product in order to have the chance to understand that your solution is truly different.

At the same time, event and field marketing is resource intensive - both in headcount and program budget. In burgeoning companies, it can be difficult to scale event marketing campaigns quickly as they need to handle consuming, menial tasks such as delivery, booth builds and swag to critical business decisions like messaging, positioning and most importantly - revenue.

As event and field marketing continue to grow in importance, it's vital that companies are able to scale these efforts effectively without sacrificing quality or increasing costs. Project Augustus is built from seasoned event and field marketers, we work with our clients to understand their goals and business needs so that we can scale event campaigns as they grow.

Companies like Salesforce, Arctery'x, Treasure Data (Vision Fund) trust us today to help manage their event and/or field marketing programs in all shapes and sizes. Learn more about how we can help your organization by scheduling some time to chat below.


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